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Decorating is one of the most fun aspects of HumanLight. It livens up your event environment and visually shows what your holiday event is like.

Keep in mind: These decorating suggestions are great for either at home or a public event space.

Whether you keep things simple or go big, you should take into consideration the following:


While it’s ideal to plan as early as possible to get inspiration and gather the decor you want, the thought might not come up until much closer to the December holiday season. If this is your first time figuring out how to decorate for HumanLight, then it’s best that you start off small and then write down what you want to do for next year. After the holidays are over, you should also definitely take advantage of the clearance sales to save money.

When you’re trying to map out your event environment, take the following into consideration:

Room Space

Budget and Priority



Colors and Values

HumanLight’s biggest visual identity besides the symbol is its color scheme, which are primary colors:




Try to look for decor items in these colors! While you pick them out, it’s recommended that you pick out items that are vibrant and saturated so that they pop out. Dull or faded colors will not look as striking.

To creatively make even more use of the color scheme and its decorations, assign those colors to the three main HumanLight values, which are reason, compassion, and hope. Some might also include Humanity as fourth optional value. If you use humanity, then it’s suggested that you represent with white, because it’s a combination of all the colors in the rainbow spectrum.


Candles and candle-lighting ceremonies have become a common tradition in HumanLight. Displays will usually consist of 3-4 candles.

If you use the 3-candle setup: If possible, try to get candles in the three HumanLight colors. If you can’t find colored candles, then it’s recommended that you accessorize white candles with the color scheme. Colored candle holders, tied ribbons, and carvings are just a few examples. Any color and candle can represent reason, compassion, or hope. The values are not tied a specific color.

If you use the 4-candle setup: Get three of those candles in the holiday color scheme and have the fourth candle be white. The colored candles should represent reason, compassion, and hope, whereas the white candle symbolizes humanity. (White is a combination of all the colors in the rainbow spectrum.)

If you don’t like white, then the fourth candle could be one of the following suggestions:

– The fourth could be another red, yellow, or blue candle.

– Multicolored (A red/yellow/blue candle)

– Rainbow-colored candle

Here’s a link to suggested candle-lighting ceremony text

Getting Creative

Apart from the color scheme and candles, anything beyond is entirely up to you! What’s nice about HumanLight is that it’s open to so much creativity and customization, that it celebrates individual interests. If you’re stuck on ideas, we recommend that you scan through the following list of personal interests:



Favorite Decor

Positive Memories


And many more possibilities!