Community Contributions

Below are poems, texts, videos, music, artwork, and
other contributions that have been sent to us from people who
appreciate the HumanLight holiday, in communities far and wide.

Note: Please see the Merchandise page for additional artwork created by participants in the 2006 and 2008 HumanLight design contests!



In 2013, Brian Lofgren, an artist in Maryland, created some original designs of HumanLight bumper stickers, tree ornaments, and other items.  Check out his work for sale on


A large lighted sign, suitable for outdoor displays, was created in 2012 by Kyra Corradin, a Washington DC area artist.  It beautifully represents HumanLight values: Reason (the head), Compassion (the heart) and Hope (the hands working to build a better future).


These are graphics created by artist Bill Haines in Dec. 2012, suitable for use on a website, in Facebook, or other media.
You can save/download a copy by right-clicking on the images below and
using your mouse commands.

humanlight_cover1 dec 2012 from bill haines
humanlight_cover3 dec 2012 from bill haines


In Dec. 2011, Brian Lofgren, an artist in Maryland, created a short YouTube video showcasing the candle display/ceremony his own family created for their celebrations at home, of HumanLight / Solstice.  The video is called “Happy HumanLight (advent wreath)”, and it includes the words from Monty Harper’s HumanLight song “These Three Flames”.  — It’s a great example of creating your own meaningful holiday traditions!

Happy HumanLight video:

Also, please see Brian Lofgren’s Squidoo page for more of his perspective and creative materials/info on HumanLight and the December holiday season.  This is a very impressive set of humanist-oriented holiday ideas and family traditions:


HumanLight music video by DukeRevolution, 2012.

In these days of cynical nihilism and apocalyptic expectations, it’s easy to lose sight of the goodness of humanity.
Click on the title link below to see the music video on YouTube, and to read the video artist’s thoughts/comments about it: (song written by VNV Nation, 2011. music video by DukeRevolution).

Celebrate Humanity – Happy HumanLight


In Dec. 2011, Benjamin Burchall, Chaplain of the Humanist Congregation of Greater Atlanta (GA), posted on YouTube a short talk he gave about HumanLight:


A Poem by Maurice P. Hartley, January 1, 2010


Humanism urges meaningful action, now-
lead, inspire, generate healthy thoughts.

Hunger undermines meditation and negates
learning, inverting growth-hellish travesties.

Hope unites, manifests aspirations, neutralizes
losses, ignites glorious, healing transitions.

Hear, understand, mediate-acknowledge Now.
Listening introspectively generates higher transformations.


In Dec. 2009, singer/songwriter Monty Harper composed the song below.  Also, please see his site for a recording of the song, and the sheet music:

These Three Flames (The HumanLight Song)
This flame shines with the light of reason
May it illuminate the wonders of our world
This flame glows with a warm compassion
May it expand the caring circle of our love
This flame gleams like a hope-filled beacon
May it sustain us through the darkest winter night
These three flames mark a joyful season
May they unite us in a happy HumanLight
And may Reason, Compassion and Hope
Light the path of every human life


In Dec. 2005, Fred Edwords, director of the United Coalition of Reason and a long-time national leader in the American Humanist movement, gave a talk on the historical origins of holidays and festivals. Read the full text here: