American Humanist Association 2004 Press Release

Celebrating the Holidays without God:
A Humanist Alternative

For Immediate Release – Contact: Fred Edwords (202) 238-9088 –

(Washington, DC, December 15, 2004)

During the winter holiday season, many who aren’t traditionally religious are left out in the cold.

But in 1966 a Humanist, Dr. Maulana Karenga, founded Kwanzaa to recognize uniquely African American traditions. Humanists have also been celebrating the Winter Solstice for many decades, seeing that as the common denominator behind all traditional winter celebrations.

Now there is HumanLight, a specifically Humanist winter holiday. “HumanLight represents a positive vision of an ethical, enlightened, Humanist future,” stated Fred Edwords, editorial director of the American Humanist Association and father of two daughters. “HumanLight is an idea that goes beyond celebration. It’s a vision of hope, reason, and compassion that can be shared with those close to us and our communities.”

Barry Klassel, a member of the New Jersey HumanLight 2003 planning committee, stated: “It’s not about the life of any single heroic figure. It’ s about all of us—-HumanLight is about ideals and sentiments, a positive vision that, through human action, can change the world for the better.”

The first HumanLight celebration took place in Verona, New Jersey on December 23, 2001. The New Jersey Humanist Network and the New Jersey Center for Inquiry created HumanLight. As momentum for HumanLight has grown, Humanist groups and individuals are celebrating it across the country.

For more details on HumanLight and why it’s needed, contact Fred Edwords or visit

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