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Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 e o Nismo 400R Uma raridade na escala real muito bem reproduzida pela Kyosho ao lado de sua versão "normal" feita pela Hot Wheels, acompanhem. Sabe, gosto muito de miniaturas de carros, os Hot Wheels atuais com suas linhas exageradas ainda mexem comigo. The iconic and legendary Nismo 400R. If you haven’t heard of this car before, you are in for a treat. The 400R is based off the Nissan Skyline R33 GT-R. It is extremely rare, powerful and also looks stunning. It ticks all the right boxes for any JDM enthusiast. Instead of the standard GT-R's RB26DETT, the 400R had a. According to Wikipedia, the special edition R33 Skyline GTR NISMO 400R was released on November 3, 1997, with R standing for Racing. Note that the auction has recorded this vehicle as a 1996, so clarification with Nissan Japan on the chassis code would be required.

Voilà comment une génération de gamers s’est retrouvée fana de cette rarissime voiture japonaise, dérivée de la déjà mythique Nissan Skyline GT-R R33. La Nismo 400R est disponible dans Gran Turismo depuis le 1er opus, faisant d’elle une célébrité. Absolutely amazing condition rare Skyline GTR 400R Nismo available for sale in Japan! Contact us for more info through the order sheet below or at [email protected].

400r。それはr33 gt-rをベースに開発されたコンプリートカーである。数あるチューニングカーと明確に一線を画す点は、ただ速ければよい、ことを目的にした車ではないこと。 r33 gt-rが誇る「意のままに操. 20/01/2016 · El motivo de su lanzamiento fue homenajear los éxitos en competición de NISMO y Nissan en 1995 y 1996, especialmente en Le Mans. El Nissan Skyline GT-R NISMO 400R se basaba en el GT-R V-spec, ya de por sí la máxima evolución del GT-R, enfocado abiertamente a un uso en circuito.

ニスモ400rとは、r33スカイラインgt-rをベースとした市販コンプリートカーです。あまたのチューニングカーとは一線を画しているこの車。車両価格は1,200万円税抜で、55台が販売されました。. 1997 NISMO 400R. Built by Nissan’s racing division – Nissan Motorsport or more commonly known as, ‘Nismo’ – the 1997 Nismo 400R is a celebration of the Le Mans racing car, with both aforementioned vehicles based on the Nissan Skyline GT-R R33.

【ニスモ 400r】r33型gt-r限定モデルのスペック・価格あわせて読みたい記事:【湾岸ミッドナイト】s30悪魔のzの仕様・ベースモデルs130あわせて読みたい記事:【セリカlbターボ グループ5】伝説のシュニッツァー仕様の軌. Kinda like the present-day GT-R Nismo, then. It’s powered by a bored and stroked version of the standard R33 GT-R’s 2.6-litre engine. Equipped with larger turbos and plenty of race-grade internal components, the 400R’s twin-turbo 2.8-litre inline-six makes 300kW and 470Nm.

現在でも大人気の第2世代「gt-r」に設定された、nismoチューンのコンプリートカー「nismo 400r」の試乗映像 ベースモデルの味を伸ばした、贅沢なメーカー系チューン! 価格1200万円!トータルチューンの r33型 スカイライン gt-r nismo 400r. The NISMO 400R'96 is a Tuned car produced by Nismo. It appears in every main Gran Turismo game to date except Gran Turismo Sport. It's a limited edition version of the R33 Skyline GT-R with a more powerful engine. Only 50 were ever built before the production of the R33 ceased. "NISMO planned on. Nissan used the Skyline GT-R LM, a race car used at Le Mans for 1995 and 1996, as the basis for the 400R, which was launched in 1997. It is the ultimate street-legal version of the R33. Power comes from a stroked 2.7-liter twin-turbo straight-six engine with a reinforced block. Similar to the R32, the R33 saw quite a few special versions released over its production cycle. The V-Spec returned, as well as the GTR LM LeMans, the Nismo 400R with its 395hp 2.8L RBX-GT2 and 6-speed Getrag manual, as well as the 4-door Autech GT-R which added practicality to the capability. R33 400R A turn-key Nismo built R33 GT-R with a extra grunt and a stack more attitude courtesy of LM-inspired details like the vented carbon bonnet. R33 N1 A homologation special, it had no air con, radio, or even a boot liner. It used a stronger N1 engine with upgraded turbos for more reliable racing; 45 built.

400r。それはr33 gt-rをベースに開発されたコンプリートカーである。 数あるチューニングカーと明確に一線を画す点は、ただ速ければよい、ことを目的にした車ではないこと。 r33 gt-rが誇る「意のままに. Der 400R wurde um 30 mm tiefer gelegt und die Stoßdämpfer des GT-R 33 wurden durch sportlichere Dämpfer von Bilstein ersetzt. Außerdem erhielt der Wagen Bremsbeläge und Bremsscheiben von Nismo. Zudem wurde er serienmäßig mit 18-Zoll-Nismo-LM/GT1 auf 275/35ZR18er RE710kai Reifen versehen. Genuine Nismo 400R front bumper for Nissan Skyline R33 GTR BCNR33 This is the incredibly rare Nismo aero front bumper as used on the 400R GTR. Genuine rare JDM Nismo Parts. Includes genuine Nismo front lip spoiler requiring repair. Used body parts may require repairs or painting before fitting.

22/07/2017 · I'm delighted to see that Nismo have finally taken the R33 GT-R to this level, but more so, that they have focussed on a car that is specifically designed to be street driven - where it can do the greatest quantity of miles and thus, probably enjoyed by many, many more people. 日産スカイラインgt-r(bcnr33)は、ニュルのタイムをbnr32より21秒短縮。ル・マン24時間に参戦し、英国への輸出も行なった。今回は、オーテックバージョン、ニスモ400r、lmリミテッドという、r33型gt-rの時に存在した特別な3モデルをクローズアップする。. gtクラスに参戦することになりますが、スカイラインgt-rをベースにした通常の改造だけで上位入賞は困難でした。そこでnismoは、スカイラインgt-rr33型を大幅にモディファイしたル・マン専用gtカー「nismo gt-r lm」を製作して挑むこととなりました。.

Launched in November 1997, the 400R was inspired by the Skyline GT-R LM which had raced at Le Mans in 1995 and 1996. An extensive re-working of the R33 GT-R, Nismo left no stone unturned in its quest to build the ultimate road-going Skyline.
15/07/2010 · Hey guys! I currently own a 2001 R34 GTR VspecII and the brakes are needing to be done. I am getting a back vibration from the warped rotors that were like this before I owned the car. I was able to find an Endless Big Brake kit on the used market but it is for a R33 GTR. The seller assures.

Top Secret livery for the Nissan Skyline GT-R R33 Nismo 400R from the Gentle Mind Performance Japan Pack Pretty much half of the decals had to be made from scratch, as I just couldn't find them, but it turned out pretty ok. 19/01/2016 · The Nissan GT-R Nismo 400R Is 20 Years Old and Still Amazing. With 400 hp and only 44 production models built, this was a race-inspired Nismo done right. By Kristen Lee. Jan 19, 2016 Among one of the most famous and revered members of the Skyline family is the Nissan Skyline GT-R Nismo 400R. Quand Nissan demande à Nismo de lui préparer une version "spéciale" de la Skyline R33 GTR, ça donne un monstre directement inspiré de la course. D'ailleurs, elle ne s'est pas gênée pour le montrer et le faire savoir. 400 ch pour un esprit Racing, c'est comme le port salut, c'est écrit écrit dessus. Elle, c'est la Nismo 400 R.

Nismo 400R. A special edition R33 was released on November 3, 1997 called the 400R, with R standing for Racing. Overall development and planning was by NISMO, but its bored and stroked RB26DETT engine, the RBX-GT2, was engineered and produced by REINIK.

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