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GoJ can hit players for around 300 damage while my Onyx Blade-build hit for around 200 damage in a player. At least the Onyx has better range. it have a r2 stab attack, if so, stab attacks on counters ignore resistances soaking completly, so if you catch a r2 and deal a counter. The onyx blade is typically used on Pyromancer's because its damage is optimized at a 40/40 faith/int build vs. the typical 40/40 str/dex quality build. You can definitely take points out of Endurance, especially if you're good at monitoring and managing your stamina pool, and adding them to Attunement for additional spell slots and/or FP. I'm currently replaying DS3 for the Nth time and decided to pick up the Onyx Blade as I moved into The Ringed City DLC. I've always thought the weapon looked super awesome, but I've never actually used it. I've been surprised at how low the damage seemingly is, and I'm curious if it's related to my character or the blade. Elfriede's Blackflame is a Skill in Dark Souls 3. Weapons That Have Elfriede's Blackflame. Onyx Blade. Notes & Information. Weapon art animation also doubles as an attack and deals fire damage.

Uhhhhh almost no weapon in this game is an into the trash weapon and onyx blade is possibly the best greatsword in the game. You need high int and fth though. User Info: tonytonez. tonytonez 2 years ago 3. Self buff weaps are sweet. Have Sunlight sword as 2nd weap for double buff trouble bubble. Lorian's is a weapon with fairly low fire base damage, so adding a buff makes it only marginally stronger due to how flat resistances work. Onyx blade at it's current state doesn't need a dark buff, like mlgs doesn't need a magic buff. Onyx Blade Pyro Build Questions Hey guys, I originally attempted to do a dex pyro build and it really didn't work out that well, but now with the dlc and the onyx blade, which is a pretty decent greatsword, I wanted to go more toward mainly pyro with some quality build aspects. How's the onyx blade in pvp. PvP. So yeah I made a pyro build recently and I wanted to try the onyx blade with it, so I was curious, is it a good weapon for pvp? Back when the ashes of ariandel dlc cane out everyone and their mother was using it, now it's quite rare to see it again. Builds in Dark Souls 3 are user created combinations of Stats, Weapons, Armor, etc. that work best to achieve a certain goal or set of goals. You can use the links below to find different approaches and ideas, or find interesting combinations to spice up your playthroughs.

Hollowslayer Greatsword is a Weapon in Dark Souls 3. Greatsword used for a lifetime by a masked knight. Harbors the fears that lurk within the mind of Hollows, and is particularly effective against them. Are you sure you wish to hide the mod: DS3 Onyx Blade by crayon eater?

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